About EOL

Thanks for visiting my blog. I started Eating Out Loud (EOL) in March 2007 as a way to share my baking and cooking experiences. After a few years the blog started exploring other relevant topics to my life. Due to this the blog provides an eclectic content set, from collecting vintage recipe cards to sewing, baking, tending garden, and raising the world’s most stubborn dog.

I’ve spent 20 years in Silicon Valley and have been privileged to work at many amazing companies. However, the more I work correlates to the less I can spend time writing. You’ll see that there are years of productive writing followed by years without a single new blog post.

My Upbringing

If you’re looking for a celebrity chef experience, this will not be the blog for you! I offer a broad ‘down-to-earth-trying-to-learn’ perspective, having grown up on a rural farm and now living in a large metro area. My fondest childhood memories are working on our family farm in Michigan where we raised our own animals to provide meat, as well as gardened in order to preserve food for the year ahead. Being self sufficient is a strong theme in my life.

I eventually left rural life to attend college and ultimately found myself living and working in a concrete jungle. But, I do daydream of having a chicken coop and all the freshly laid eggs I can eat. Maybe someday. The farm is still in our family and I visit as often as possible.

Tech Life

My entire life is spent online. After receiving my graduate degree in information science, I joined the tech industry where I’ve worked for a wide range of companies including eBay, Facebook, Pinterest, and currently Netflix. Although people love to hate some of these companies, they are each filled with remarkable people who are trying their best to improve products to delight customers (at least in the teams I worked in).


I am a constant daydreamer. Every day. I’m constantly thinking about all the things I make to learn to do, things I want to bake, and projects I want to accomplish. Write a book. Produce a documentary. Learn ceramics. Fill the walls with my own paintings. The list goes on and on.

If you keep reading EOL, you might just see some of the above come true!

Thanks again for visiting —