Southern Spoon Bread Recipe

Today’s vintage recipe showcases a southern spoon bread recipe, as well as the left-slanting handwriting of the author. While I love a good corn bread recipe, I am not familiar with handwriting analysis. After poking around [...]

Vienna ‘Holiday Whirl’ Cinnamon Yeast Bread Recipe

I’m a sucker for a fresh from the oven yeast bread and reminds me of the gooey cinnamon rolls my mom would make for Christmas morning. This ‘Holiday Whirl’ vintage recipe uses a light yeast bread [...]

Grape & Walnut Focaccia Recipe

Peter Reinhart is the man behind the book, The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. He does not know me and I’ve never met him, so why did I constantly think about him while on vacation last month? Well, [...]

Casatiello: a Savory Bread

This marks my second indulgent week of deliciously sinful carbs. I enjoy bread baking, especially the lengthy proofing process, and find it therapeutic. However, the amount of bread I’m turning out (and consuming) is the downside [...]

Braided Almond Brioche Bread

Sometimes, little boys who learn to braid hair on the playground grow up to be hairdressers, but not me. I quickly became a master of the traditional 3-braid ponytail and all the girls knew who to [...]

Buttermilk Rhubarb Bread

Rhubarb endears itself to me a little more each year. A few weeks ago, I found myself suddenly in my childhood home just as Spring took over the landscape, transforming stagnant trees into leafy towers. I [...]

Naan Bread Two Ways: Green Onion & Sesame

One of favorite Indian foods has to be the naan. A flat, chewy teardrop shaped bread used to scoop up meat and stewed dishes. I watched Anjum make naan and realized that it’s fairly simple to [...]

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