Amazing Lasagna Bolognese Recipe!

You’re going to love this rich and creamy lasagna bolognese recipe. The weather turned cold and rainy, so my instinct to eat hearty foods is increasing. A few weekends ago, I found myself craving a meaty [...]

Casatiello: a Savory Bread

This marks my second indulgent week of deliciously sinful carbs. I enjoy bread baking, especially the lengthy proofing process, and find it therapeutic. However, the amount of bread I’m turning out (and consuming) is the downside [...]

Italian Apple Cake – Torta Soffice Di Mele Recipe

A dense, poundcake-like texture … lemon zest flavors the cake while golden delicious apples sink into the top to add a bit of depth and texture. This is the ‘Torta Soffice Di Mele” or Light Apple [...]

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