Chocolate Coated Brownie Bites [No-Bake]

I’ve been making these easy no-bake brownie bites over the past year and am still surprised by how easy they are to make. The brownie recipe is popular with vegans and raw foodies, but I’ve got [...]

Mocha Popsicles Recipe

Today, I am putting on my game face and mentally preparing for the week ahead. I’ve signed up to participate in ‘Eating Down the Fridge‘, a week-long effort to eat only from you fridge, pantry and [...]

Chocolate Canned Pumpkin Snack Cake Recipe

If you’re looking for a canned pumpkin recipe, this recipe is for you. The chocolate cake features canned pumpkin, perfect to make when pumpkin is on sale at Halloween and Thanksgiving. I have a confession. There [...]

Chocolate Souffle Recipe

You can’t have a holiday weekend without a TV marathon that attempts to keep you indoors on an otherwise beautiful, sunny day. Normally, I don’t give in, even though I am a complete and total TV [...]

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