Regional: Turkish

Turkish Cerkez Tavugu (Chicken with Walnuts)

One of my favorite aspects of Turkish cuisine is the use of nuts in both sweet and savory recipes. In the United States, we typically use nuts on for snacking or in desserts so when walnuts [...]

Turkish Sigara Boregi With Minced Meat

Sigara boregi literally translates to ‘cigarette pastry’, a shape common in Turkey and filled with either sweet or savory mixtures. The cigarette shape is familiar to me as I have made egg rolls, lumpia, and spring [...]

Turkish Ispanakli Gozleme: Spinach-Filled Flat Bread

This versatile flat bread (gozleme) is common to many parts of Turkey and is often made at home but can also be found in cafes. Creamy spinach wrapped by grilled flat bread — sound delicious? I [...]

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