Bubor Cha Cha Purple Yam Dessert Recipe

My mother-in-law loves purple yam (also known as Ube) so I decided to make a popular asian dessert which features it prominently. Bubor Cha Cha is a porridge dessert with pieces of yam or colored dough [...]

Chinese Green Onion Pancakes

A flattened piece of dough stuff with green onions, then rolled into a straw, which is once again rolled into the flower bud shape in the photo above. Sadly, the bud isn’t the final step but [...]

BBQ Pork Fried Rice Recipe

Today is Day 1 of Eating Down the Fridge and I welcome the challenge with a simple fried rice. It’s my weekly go-to dish when I need a quick meal or when there are certain leftovers [...]

Chinese Braised Spare Ribs: Sticky Deliciousness

The weather is cold and rainy here in Vancouver which makes me crave fatty, rich foods. I’m trying to cut back on such things and convinced myself that this recipe would be better than some others [...]

‘Soy-Butt’ Potstickers: Crusty Bottoms Taste Good!

I haven’t met a dumpling that I didn’t like. Well, ok … maybe a filling or two that I wasn’t fond of but when you wrap anything in a thin layer of carbs, it just tastes [...]

Creamy congee (jook) is so comforting

One of my favorite comfort foods is a thick and savory rice porridge. It’s often considered a breakfast item but can be eaten for any meal. It is often called congee or jook and comes in [...]

Chinese tea eggs for Easter

Well, they aren’t exactly the brightly colored Easter eggs that are so common in the US. These ‘tea eggs’ are actually a classic Chinese snack food sold by street vendors and at cafes. Easy to make, [...]

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