Graphic Rockstar: AtomicJane Design

[click on the graphic to view a larger version] I’m excited to share this ‘fun with Photoshop’ graphic with my readers which was graciously designed by my friend Kathy, the rockstar behind AtomicJane Design. The puzzle [...]

New Apple TV Delivers More Than Movies

I’ll admit that I’m an Apple fan. You either love ’em or hate ’em. I’m a lover. When Netflix made its recent debut in Canada, I decided to purchase the Apple TV in order to stream [...]

Blogger Blocking Anonymous Commenters

Spam is an inevitable factor in the online world. Like many bloggers, I struggle to keep spam comments from appearing on my blog through spam filters and comment moderation features. On most days, I receive 15-25 [...]

The Code: Ethics or Elitism?

Today, there is much discussion occurring over the debut of the Food Blog Code of Ethics. While I typically a joiner of everything and love adding my names to all sorts of lists, there’s something unsettling [...]

Where is your feed content being republished?

After a long day of work (followed by plenty of cooking), I often find myself sitting in front of the computer once again to begin cropping photos and writing my next post. It’s a never ending [...]

How to trace what’s copied from your blog?

It’s commonly known that people are copying content from our blogs. We typically think of thieves using our RSS feeds to pirate content for their own purposes. But, do you know how many people visit your [...]

Managing Reader Relationships

The essential component of blogging is the ability to share information and receive feedback from others. In the early stages of a new blog, a few comments on your post can feel like the greatest achievement [...]

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