Mason Jar Pin Cushion Craft Idea

Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Mason jars serve so many purposes, so when I saw this tutorial for making a mason jar pin cushion, I just had to try it. I happened to be visiting my parents over a holiday weekend, so I took along my supplies and crossed my fingers that my mother had plenty of hot glue sticks on hand.

As you’ll see from the instructions, it doesn’t require too many supplies. I used a piece of Amy Butler scrap fabric for my jar. The mason jar I chose is one that is short and squatty, perfect for thimbles and spare bobbins.

The most difficult portion of this project was stuffing between the cardboard and fabric. I wanted to create a semi-firm filling that pins could stick into. So, I use a pair of spare hands to help me hold everything together while assembling it.

I hadn’t planned on adding the ribbon but my mother happened to have one that perfectly matched, so we added that as well. The ribbon can hold sewing needles or even sewing machine needles. I think it turned out wonderfully and would make a fun gift for any sewing friends!

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  1. Great project and gift for sewers or just for people that sew once in a while. It’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing!!!

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