Kate Spain Central Park Quilt – Part 2

One week until my parents arrive and the quilt is on track for completion by end of next week. Of course, this assumes that there aren’t any bumps along the way (like that never happens). The quilt top is finally pieced together, with the exception of a 5″ white border around the perimeter.

As I sewed one of the final rows, I discovered my first mistake. There is one block grouping which places two of the same fabric pattern together. Although not ideal, I’m chalking it up to my way of noting that it’s one of my works. It would not be complete without some sort of mistake ;-)

The quilt top needs a little pressing but otherwise it’s looking good. Colorful, I know. I love color — one of our friend’s noted that it reminded them of the Dolly Parton song, “Coat of Many Colors“. So true!

It’s my first quilt sewn on my new little baby, the Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0. I’ll write about the sewing machine someday as it’s amazing. I’ve never sewn such straight lines and perfect seam allowances in my life. The dual feed dogs alone are worth the pricey price tag.

Sewing in a Small Space

We moved a couple weeks ago into our new condo. It’s larger than what we used to live in, but it’s still small by most standards. I’ve converted the 2nd bedroom into my office (work full-time from home), my craft room, and our guest bedroom.

I had a custom wallbed unit built which offers storage, large fold down table, and a pullout computer desk (it’s there on the right side). When the table is folded up, the whole center section pulls down from the wall and contains a double bed. It’s three rooms in one!

Since the quilt will be for the guest bedroom, I’ll provide a photo of the bed in my next post with the completed quilt (fingers crossed).

When the table is folded down, I no longer have the valuable floor space for laying out large pieces of the quilt. While working on constructing the rows together, I found myself running it out of the doorway.

The To-Do List

I’m trying not to think about it, as I don’t want to scare myself.

  1. Sew and press binding
  2. Add white border around perimeter of quilt top
  3. Cut and sew quilt back
  4. Sandwich top, batting, back
  5. Straight-line quilt the piece (thinking a diamond grid design)
  6. Hand-stitch the binding around the quilt
  7. Consume a super-sized cocktail!

I need to prepare the binding (already cut out) and prepare the backing. For the back, I’d like to do something fun, but I’m weighing fun against finishing on the short timeline. I may have to forego fun. At the very least, it will be a light yellow fabric.

The biggest issue will likely be the final step of quilting. I haven’t focused much on how the actual sandwiching and quilting will happen, which I’ve never done before. In my mind, it will just happen, not because I’m confident but because it just has to get finished. Fortunately, I received some good tips and guidance from my friend Diane, an amazing quilt artist and blogger.

If all goes as planned, I’ll debut the fully finished quilt next week.

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