Kate Spain Central Park Quilt – Part 1

Just a few short weeks ago, we moved into our new home. In the midst of getting settled in, I decided that the guest room needed a new quilt before my parents arrive for Thanksgiving in two weeks. I do enjoy working with tight deadlines and it would give me a chance to test out my new craft room.

Earlier this year I bought some of the Central Park fabric by Kate Spain. I fell in love with the mix of blues, purples, and yellows/orange that make up the fabric line. I bought it to construct a quilt based on the Innocent Crush Rectangle Squared Quilt found on the Film in the Fridge (FITF) blog.

Quilt Size — What to do?

I decided to make a larger block than shown on FITF, both to create a larger quilt and to maximize pre-cut fabric. Each of the 42 blocks (6 x 7 blocks), is constructed of a rectangle measuring 5″ x 11″ and 2 squares measuring 5″ x 5″. Since the small squares are charm pack size, you could use 2 charm packs to achieve the 84 squares needed. For the 42 rectangles, I started with fat quarters that I cut down to size.

Fortunately, my sewing is better than my drawing – hopefully, this picture illustrates what I’m doing for each of the blocks:

The squares are joined by white fabric measuring 2″ x 5″. The rectangle is joined to white fabric measuring 2″ x 11″. Then, I join the rectangle portion to the square portion and a beautiful block is born! Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, each finished block measures 11″ x 11″.

Once I’ve decided on the border size (might use a 5″ band of white), the quilt will measure about 80″ x 90″, perfect for a double sized bed.

Sew Sew Sew!

Over the past week, I worked almost every night for an hour or two to complete all of the blocks. I’ve also cut out the binding (one of the orange fabrics) and am getting material ready constructing the rows. The backing fabric will be in a light yellow to which I want to also add some of the scrap fabric.

Once the quilt top is constructed (by end of weekend?), I intend to machine quilt it myself. Nothing fancy, just some sort of straight line grid which I haven’t done before. My previous two quilts were machine quilted in elaborate designs, which I someday hope to learn how to do. But, for now it needs to be quick and simple.

Laying Out the Blocks

I get excited once the blocks are done and I immediately started laying them out. I took these photos before I started to arrange blocks, so you’ll see that the design isn’t quite right, dark fabrics are concentrated at one end, and the same fabrics are next to one another in some places. Don’t worry, I corrected these issues once I got over my initial excitement and put the camera down ;-)

More photos to come once I get the quilt top completed!

Kate Spain Central Park Quilt – Part 2
Kate Spain Central Park Quilt – Part 3

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