Cuisinart Griddler Adds Waffle Plates as New Accessory

The Cuisinart Griddler recently added new waffle plates that broaden the appliance into a full-fledged waffler maker. When I discovered this a few weeks ago, I immediately ordered the waffle inserts and gave them a good workout over the Thanksgiving holiday. For anyone seeking a holiday gift for a loved one (especially one who already owns the Griddler), the waffle plates are a great gift idea.

I received the Griddler as a Christmas gift from Joe several years ago and I’ve used it off and on for making the occasional panini. I rediscovered the machine again last year when I went through pancake phase. Lately, it hasn’t received much use.

What is the Griddler?

The Griddler is a small multi-purpose kitchen appliance offering:

  • Ridged grill plates allow you to grill meats/veggies or to grill/press panini sandwiches
  • Flat griddle plates are used when the Griddler is folded open to create a large griddle surface (perfect for pancakes)
  • Waffle plates turn the machine into a Belgian waffle maker

My machine came with the ridged grill plates and flat griddle plates. You simply push a button and the top/bottom plates pop out for easy cleaning or to exchange plates. The Griddler top/bottom close together for grilling foods on both the top and bottom, but the machine also opens up to create two flat surfaces which allows me to make 6 good-sized pancakes at a time.

The machine provides temperature control settings depending on whether you’re using the griddle plates (numeric fahrenheit selection, ex. 350F) or Low, Medium, High settings for the grill plates.

Griddler Transforms Into Waffle Maker

While bumming around the web, I came across the new waffle plate inserts that turn the Griddler into a Belgian waffle maker. I’ve always wanted a waffle maker but can never justify adding another appliance to our already cramped kitchen. I love multi-use products and am thrilled that Cuisinart continues to provide new accessories for the Griddler.

I tested the machine with a buttermilk buckwheat yeast waffle recipe (which we all loved!). The Griddler takes only a few minutes to heat up and a light signals when cooking can begin. I poured in the recommended 1 1/4 cups of batter and spread into the four waffle compartments, then closed the machine. In three minutes, I slowly opened the lid to find a bounty of golden brown goodness.

Using a wooden chopstick, I gently lifted the four waffles (all in one chunk) from the machine and started cooking my next batch. The waffles were fluffy and had deep pockets for holding lots of butter and syrup.

The Griddler worked well as a waffle maker and I’ve used it several times for making waffles already. I notice that the waffles tend to get more dark around the edges and less so in the center. I think this may partially be due to how I pour in the waffle batter, directly in the center (i.e. cools this part of the waffle maker down more so than outer edges). However, the waffles cook evenly throughout in 3 minutes and the color variance isn’t a concern for me.

The waffles release easily with a little nudge and don’t leave behind much residue. The nonstick surface of the plates is easy to clean with a damp sponge.

I’m so in love with the waffle plates. I made another batch of waffles today and froze them up for a quick breakfast during the week. Just pop into a toaster!

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