Use Everyday Objects as Creative Dessert Displays

Dessert is the highlight of any dinner party, and being the final item your dinner guests eat, it’s important to leave friends and family with a lasting impression. Instead of serving dessert on an ordinary plate, consider using everyday objects to create dessert presentations that will delight and impress.

Leave the dessert plates neatly stacked in the cupboard and step outside your comfort zone. It’s OK to do the unexpected. If you thoughtfully consider a dessert’s components, you’ll find clues as to what might work best for displaying it. Consider the serving size, shape, and consistency of a dessert to find the most suitable object for holding it.

Find Ideas and Inspiration in Everyday Objects

You could showcase a layered dessert in a clear, large container while a dense dessert would require a smaller vessel. Cakes and pastries are a perfect fit for flat surfaces, but ice cream or soft desserts will need a container with edges so that no one makes an unexpected mess.

Look beyond standard dessert plates to jam jars, teacups, and cocktail glasses. And, even further from the kitchen, consider candleholders, glass coasters, baskets, slate tiles, and even (clean) fish bowls! For further inspiration that is also economical, take a walk through a local flea market, thrift shop, craft shop, or home improvement store.

Impress Friends at Your Next Dinner Party

A trifle layered with luscious custard, cream and berries could be served in a half-pint canning jar, while a votive candleholder might be the perfect size for holding a rich chocolate mousse.

Small bamboo steaming baskets are perfect for holding pastries, or you could place a sliced dessert on a 6-inch slate tile. And, if you are pondering the fish bowl suggestion, consider floating a scoop of ice cream in a sea of homemade caramel sauce.

With a little imagination, you can create a functional, creative dessert presentation idea that will leave your family or friends eager for your next dinner party.

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