Glee’s Aging Cast Members – What Happens Next?

I love Glee. Or, is it that I loved Glee?

The latest TV season of Glee is now but a memory and I’ll admit that it seemed hit or miss from episode to episode, with whacky story lines (Honey Badger, Puckerman/Zizes, fat Quinn, waiting until the day before Regionals to write new songs to perform – WTF?!?!) that either demonstrate the beginning of growing pains or a hint of arrogance that the show can do no wrong.

The TV series leaves us wondering why Finn and Rachel can never quite come together, I’m wondering how the show will grow in the coming 1-2 years. Between crazed story lines that feel pulled from a hat to make a quick point during an episode (fat Quinn) and the aging actors themselves, I wonder and worry what the next television season will bring.

While the Glee kids may seem youthful, they are actually much older than the characters they portray. And, I think this presents one of the greatest challenges for the show. According to IMDB, current Glee cast ages are:

  • Finn (Cory Montieth) – 29
  • Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) – 28
  • Puckerman (Mark Salling) – 28
  • Quinn (Dianna Agron) – 25
  • Mercedes (Amber Riley) – 25
  • Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) – 25
  • Rachel (Lea Michele) – 24
  • Santana (Naya Rivera) – 24
  • Brittany (Heather Morris) – 24
  • Lauren (Ashley Fink) – 24
  • Sam (Chord Overstreet) – 22
  • Artie (Kevin McHale) – 22

I know, I know. I’m being a pessimist. I just want the show to remain great for many years. But, I remember the original Beverly Hills 90210 based in a high school setting and the show also battled with aging cast members. It’s interesting to note that when 90210 started, many of the cast members were actually 17-18 years old and only a few were in their mid-20’s. Glee started with a much older cast which means it will hit a pain point much sooner than 90210.

Will Glee simply pretend we are ignorant and continue to keep these cast members in high school well beyond a reasonable time or will they slowly begin to expire older cast members in favor of younger new hopefuls?

I’m in favor of the last option. The current cast is becoming a bit too involved with one another and there needs to be some new blood brought to the team. For me, the show is about the essence of the high school experience and less about a particular character.

Every year should bring new glee members to energize the overall group, so my fingers are crossed that we see a new crop of talent next season. The show is in a unique position that it can rely on popular cast members to keep the show afloat while ‘testing’ new characters to take over the glee club reigns in the future. Or, they can keep the same cast and run the show into the ground.

If they do decide to bring in new glee club members, let’s hope they hire people who can sing … we already have Mike Chang and Lauren Zizes filling up the back row.

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  1. I feel similarly. They should take a leaf out of Degrassi’s book in regards to how to slowly introduce new cast members and retire older ones–though in Degrassi we meet kids quite younger and journey with them all through high school, in Glee we started a bit late.

    It gives me hope that I could still be cast someday though, as I near 24 myself, haha…

  2. At only 24, you have a few good years ahead of you, if you’d like to be a Glee student ;-) Unfortunately, I’d have to settle for a teacher role (or god forbid, a parent)!

  3. I am excited to see new people. I REALLY want to see some of the people cut form Idol on this show. There were many this time that I think would be great characters and they are actually in high school. David Leathers, would be a great addition because he is small, spunky, sings with soul, and would be the first black male for glee. I think they need more male black role models on TV given the continued racial struggles and prejudice in the US. Then I would say Shannon Magrane would be prefect. She is tall, Barbie-like, and importantly very humble. I didn’t really like Eben, but youth did – so I think it would be great to see him on the show and he already has great comradery with David – make them brothers. Would be good to see US adoption on the show or better yet interracial couples.

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