Shell Crochet Scarf (Unisex)

My second crochet scarf for donation to the Orphan Foundation of America used red yarn containing flecks of green, blue, and gold which I paired with ivory, blue, and green yarns. The result is a funky, striped scarf that I wish I could keep.

I’ve been working on this scarf while catching up on last season’s Drop Dead Diva, a recent television addiction on my part. This crochet scarf pattern uses the shell stitch which crochets easily and quickly. I was only slowed down by the changing of yarn colors (and by stopping to watch particularly dramatic DDD plot twists).

Shell Scarf Pattern & Design

I found this crochet pattern while surfing the web. It comes from the crochet blog The Art of Crochet by Teresa who posted the shell crochet winter scarf pattern.

Knowing that the scarf needs to be predominately red for the donation project, I decided to use a red yarn which had flecks of other colors. Once I crocheted a few inches, I realized the flecked yarn entirely camouflaged the shell pattern. I looked through my bag of yarn and found an ivory yarn flecked with blue, as well as a light blue and vibrant green. I figured that a band of the lighter yarns would add some character to the scarf and provide better viewing of the shell stitch being used.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like the color combination at first but now that it’s done I love it. I’m also happy that I kept the white band with color symmetric but alternated the color used in each band. The lighter colors allow the shell stitch pattern to be seen quite clearly.

Although I’m comfortable photographing food, I’m still getting used to taking photos of the scarves. It’s hard to get all of the detail in one shot. I’m trying to show how the bands of color are in the scarf below. To do this, I’m draping the scarf from our living room floor lamp. Thank goodness it didn’t tip over!

How to Shell Crochet?

The shell scarf pattern is targeted at beginners so have no fear. If I can do it, you can do it. If you’ve never shell-stitched, Teresa also has an extremely helpful video that shows how to shell stitch crochet. I made sure to watch it first as I felt a little rusty on the stitch:

Finishing the Scarf with Fringe

Once you crochet the final row of shells, you’ll need to finish the end so that it’s even (not scalloped). Following Teresa’s suggestion, I crocheted across the end to fill in the depressions left by the shell pattern (SC, HDC, DC, HDC, SC etc.).

For the fringe, I wanted it to be whimsical and subtly reflect all of the colors used in the scarf. The fringe is made using three strands of yarn about 8″ long for each tassel. I used two strands of ivory with one strand of colored yarn, alternating the color of yarn used on each tassel.

I am super pleased with how the scarf turned out! Two done, three yet to go. I’m not sure yet what I’m doing for the third scarf and need to do some more web surfing.

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