Drop Dead Diva Season 3 Returning to Lifetime (2011)

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It was only a month ago that I first discovered Drop Dead Diva (DDD) on Netflix and decided to watch season one. With it’s subtle mix of comedy and drama, each episode drew me further in and I soon fell in love with the characters. I purchased the second season and watched the episodes back to back, only to reach the cliffhanger final episode.

Fearing the worst, I researched the series and discovered Drop Dead Diva was recently renewed for a third season on Lifetime – whew! I’ll have to be patient though as it won’t begin airing until the summer of 2011 [read update on Drop Dead Diva Season 3 air date], but at least it will be returning. In the meantime, I’m daydreaming about what I’d like to see happen on the show next season. If you haven’t seen seasons one and two, there may be spoilers below.

What’s the DDD plot?

The TV show is best described as what you’d get if Legally Blonde mated with Ally McBeal, so depending on your tastes the show may not be for everyone. It’s a quirky comedy filled with dramatic intrigued that could easily go south if it wasn’t for such a strong cast and competent writing.

The plot is simple yet requires some suspension of disbelief. It begins with two women, Deb and Jane. Deb is a perky model determined to find success while Jane is a workaholic, antisocial lawyer (with a few extra pounds). Through a twist of fate both women die on the same day, but while checking in to heaven Deb puts up a struggle and is accidentally returned to earth … in Jane’s body.

Still with me?

Crazy, I know. But, it’s good. The show follows Jane’s (i.e. Deb’s) identity shift as she now learns to be a better person. Fortunately, Deb retains much of Jane’s memory so she is able to remain a top lawyer with the new personality of Deb added to the mix (very reminiscent of Legally Blonde).

Drop Dead Diva Cast

The cast is what makes an ordinary script into something special. From the photo above (L to R): April Bowlby, Margaret Cho, Josh Stamberg, Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering and Ben Feldman. And while the cast is largely unknown outside of this series, I think the future will be bright for many of them.

Brooke Elliot is Jane and she breathes such life into the character. She’s beautiful, sexy, and is excellent at switching between the two personas of Deb and Jane. And, during the first season we had a sneak peek at her ability to sing which was explored further in season two. Brooke has an *amazing* voice. I wish they’d put her into a few episodes of Glee.

Jackson Hurst is Grayson, Deb’s fiance who is also a lawyer working with Jane. Unfortunately, while she’s stuck in Jane’s body Deb is forced to watch Grayson carry on with his life without her. Torn by issue, Jane finds support from her guardian angel sent back to watch over her (Ben Feldman) and Deb’s best friend (April Bowlby).
Brooke Elliot is the ‘diva’

Margaret Cho plays Jane’s no-nonsense, quirky assistant and plays the role well. Additional, law firm colleagues include Jane’s rival Kim (Kate Levering) and law firm partner played by Josh Stamberg.

Find DDD on DVD and Online

To dive into the show, you have a options. You can purchase Drop Dead Diva: The Complete First Season from Amazon.com or it is available for free streaming if you subscribe to Netflix. Season two can be purchased online from Apple iTunes but isn’t yet on DVD.

Season 3 Drop Dead Diva

DDD second season developed many of the secondary characters and gave legitimacy to some I thought could be easily let go. For example, the guardian angel Fred was not really utilized in season one, however they gave him a much stronger, believable role in season two. Stacy remains on the cutting line for me as her character is sometimes dumbed down a little too much.

Season two ended with Grayson being hit by a car and Jane kneeling down at his side. He whispers, ‘Deb’ before closing his eyes. Will Grayson go to heaven and bump into the real Jane who will fill him in on his former love Deb? I’d like to see Grayson understand that Deb is alive in Jane, whether he is told or slowly discovers it on his own. I don’t like Grayson’s new love interest. Yuck.

Although fired, Kim will likely still have a job at the law firm, but will she be made partner? I think it’s likely to keep the rivalry between she and Jane, while fueling further office tension as Kim rekindles her relationship with the law firm partner.

New characters? Yes, please. The show has brought in some stellar guest stars but a few new regular cast members are warranted. The story lines feel limited and somewhat incestuous without more characters, so I’m hoping for more exposure to new staff at Parker Harrison.

What would you like to see in Season 3?

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