Crocheted Striped Scarf with Railroad Border

My fourth scarf for donation to the Orphan Foundation of America is based on the same pattern as the last scarf. I used different yarn colors to create an interesting striped pattern and added a railroad stitch border.

I started this crochet scarf with a very broad concept. I merely wanted to alternate stripes between the red and variegated yarns. My plan changed as soon as I started to crochet with the variegated yarn though. In the store, the yarn looked predominately red but once I started to crochet it became clear that the red wasn’t as dominate as I’d hoped. It looked much more white and had lots of pink tones.

Instead of continuing to make large stripes, I opted to add a darker shade of red as a single stripe next to the variegated yarn. It adds depth to the scarf and looks amazing in person, however the photos do not do it any justice. It’s really hard to see the dark stripes.

Crochet Scarf Pattern (Unisex or Men’s)

The crochet scarf is based on this free crochet scarf pattern with the addition of a railroad border along two sides.

Depending on your color selection, this scarf can be made for either a man or woman. In my last scarf, the use of ivory and grey made it much more masculine. This particular scarf leans more towards women given the variegated yarn colors (pink hues and lime green accents).

I used the following color combination:

Rows 1-3: medium red
Rows 4-5: variegated red
Row 6: dark red
Rows 7-9: medium red
Rows 10-11: variegated red
Row 12: dark red
Row 12-15: medium red
Railroad tracks: dark red

Railroad Crochet Border & Scarf Fringe

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but I call the border ‘railroad tracks’. I hadn’t planned to add a border but the scarf pattern I created with the stripes left the scarf around 5 inches wide. I also wanted to add a bit more of the dark red so decided last minute to add this border.

Starting at end of one edge, I chained four and skipped a stitch, then double chained in next stitch. I continued across by chaining 1, skipping a stitch, and double chaining in next stitch. Repeat along other side.

For the fringe, I used three pieces of yarn that corresponded to the color band on which they were being attached. Instead of trimming the fringe evenly, I alternated the trimming to give a ragged edge to the finished fringe.

Overall, this scarf is not what I had planned when I started crocheting but I am so happy with the outcome!

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