Launching ‘Wrapped in Red’ Scarf Campaign

With another long, cold winter slowly approaching, I am beginning to plan for crafting projects. I always have the passion to try making new things but don’t always have an intended recipient. This year I am determined to spend my efforts on projects that will do some good and benefit people I’ve never met.

So, I did some searching and came across a fantastic outlet for my crafty spirit. Each year, the Orphan Foundation of America accepts red crocheted and knitted scarves for donation to former foster care young adults. The scarves are given in a Valentine’s care package to former foster care youth who are enrolled in college or trade school.

With many thousands of scarves received each year, the donation limit is capped at 5 scarves per person. If you only want to make one, that’s ok too! I enjoy crafting with others and think this is such a worthy project to support. Will you join me? Let’s see how many red scarves we can donate for this cause!

The Orphan Foundation of America (OFA) assists foster children in becoming successful adults. The organization targets foster youth who leave the foster care system at the age of 18. Without loving support, these young adults can face many hardships. OFA supports foster youth through scholarships, mentoring, internships, and advocacy.

Eating Out Loud’s ‘Wrapped in Red’ Campaign

The Wrapped in Red campaign is merely my label for this crafting initiative. I hope it will inspire my readers to participate in supporting a young adult who is determined to make the most of their life. Let’s wrap them in a warm red scarf and let them know we encourage them to find success.

It’s easy. You simply commit to spending the next 8 weeks to making up to five red scarves of any design or style. The deadline for scarf donations is December 15th. All donations must be mailed to OFA by this date.

  1. Visit the OFA site for submission guidelines and mailing info.
  2. Pick a pattern (OFA provides resource links to get you started) and yarn
  3. Pick your weapon of choice (crochet hooks or knitting needles)
  4. Share your project progress on the Eating Out Loud Facebook wall or forum. I may even include your photos and progress on Eating Out loud.
  5. Mail your projects to OFA and include a note of encouragement for each recipient

Remember, the deadline is December 15th!

Crocheting vs. Knitting

I’m going to take this week to find the patterns and yarn for my scarves. Next week, I will write about my project status and will continue to do so until all five scarves are completed and ready for mailing.

I’m planning to do both crocheting and knitting. I grew up crocheting, starting at the age of eight or so, and have been doing random projects here and there.

Toward the end of this summer, I had a massive urge to craft and felt inspired to make this groovy beanie cap. And yes, that’s a scruffy me modeling the hat.

While buying the yarn for the beanie cap, I decided to pick up a pair of knitting needles too. I searched online and found several helpful how-to videos for knitting. It wasn’t so hard once I got used to holding the needles properly. I even ended up making a fairly decent scarf.

Ready, Set, Go!

I look forward to sharing my crafting experience throughout this campaign and hope you’ll feel inspired to participate!

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  1. This is terrific. I’m going to try and do it despite my ridiculous schedule. And I’ll try to enlist my stitch-n-bitch gals too. xo

  2. Glad you’re on board, Jen – and thanks for helping to spread the word! I usually craft all alone so I’m looking forward to having others to share this project with ;-)

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