Crispy Buffalo Wings Review & $50+ Giveaway!

Are you ready for football season? While I’m not a ritual football viewer, the sport holds a place in my heart. Every Thanksgiving, my father would have the TV on and would gather the men around to cheer and jeer. I know the sport mostly through osmosis and I associate it with the holidays.

Although I don’t take advantage of the product testing offers I receive, I was curious to try the new Shake ‘N Bake Crispy Buffalo mix when it was brought to my attention. Our household does not like saucy chicken wings but instead prefers dry rubs. The Shake ‘N Bake mix keeps the wings dry but also adds a lot of crunch!

I decided to recreate the football feeling by recording a football and throwing a casual game viewing with wings, nachos, and some sweet desserts. The Shake ‘N Bake mix lives up to its reputation for being a no-mess product. Simply dump the dry mix into a bag, add the chicken, shake, arrange chicken on a tray, then bake.

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I must admit that the dry mix color what shocking at first. It’s a brightly colored orange-red reminiscent of buffalo wings (duh, of course this makes sense). I guess the color threw me off since the box picture didn’t really reflect the brightness of the actual color. Regardless, it smelled good right from the start.

The box recommended coating the wings with hot sauce first, then running through the dry mix. I happily applied my favorite hot sauce, Frank’s Hot Sauce, (with its famous tagline, “I put that sh*t on everything!”) before shaking with the dry mix.

The mix evenly coated the wings rather nicely so into the oven they went. Roughly 30 minutes later the wings were ready to dive into.

I enjoyed the ease of prep and the crispy texture on the wings. When I think of buffalo wings though, I think of fiery hot flavor. The mix provides the buffalo flavor minus the heat, so you’ll want to follow the use of your own hot sauce to reach your desired heat level.

I don’t buy Shake ‘N Bake often although it’s a product as near to my heart as football. My mother would buy it on occasion and it was considered a true treat. Shaking and baking this past weekend brought back lots of good memories. I liked this product for its ease of use and would consider purchasing when I need a quick, go-to party snack!

I noticed that the online site for Shake ‘N Bake currently has a printable $.75 coupon for its products!

Giveaway Winner Announced!
The contest is now over and I’m happy to announce Rebecca (Indecisive Baker) is the winner. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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  1. It is a tie between sausage balls (a mixture of bisquick, spicy breakfast sauasge and cheese) and cheese dip (velvetta + rotelle in the crock pot) with tortilla chips. However, I recently developed an allergy/intolerance to dairy, so I won’t be having these this year. Maybe these hot wings will become my new fav :).

  2. Hot wings, chips and pigs in a blanket. Never used Shake and bake on wings but I am a fan of Shake and Bake otherwise.

  3. Any and everything that tastes incredible, yet is so horribly bad for your health. Wings, wing dip, and crinkle chips with onion dip. Yum!

  4. Everything nachos! Chili, sour cream, cheese, scallions, roasted corn nibblets, guac, salsa, cilantro, pickled jalapeƱos, ground beef, more cheese, bacon bits all on top of the best tortilla chips you can buy. Why not pair it with buffalo wings?! Yummm

  5. I am such a hot wings fan! Who says these are only football fare? We eat wings year round in my house, they’re a special treat. A great companion to the wings is my jalapeno-cheddar-corn dip. Its an irresistible snack!

  6. Buffalo chicken wing dip. Ever tried it? made with ranch dressing, franks, cream cheese, chicken, and cheddar chese. It is delicious, tastes just like a hot wing.

  7. little sausages in bbq sauce, chips and dip, chili, soda, veggie tray, and brownies…need I say more…yum..

  8. Hello there!

    Seeing as how we are Chicago Bears fans and they haven’t had too much success (in past years, this season is starting out pretty nicely!)…we in turn have not much celebrated in the way of football. But when we do, we go all out with BBQ pulled pork sliders on sweet Hawaiian rolls, hot sweet onion dip, fudgy brownies, and butter pecan ice cream.


  9. I love crispy chicken wings of all types, they’re the perfect and classic football game snack! Pigs in a blanket are also always nice, and who doesn’t like all the various little appetizers you can pick up at Costco to serve too? (Mini quiche being one of my favorites!)

  10. Those look so good!!! My favorite football snack would have to be Salt and Pepper Ribs! But now I will have to try these

  11. I love homemade pretzels right out of the oven with honey mustard or pizza sauce to dip in. (Or with just butter and salt.)

  12. I loooove me some tortilla chips and warm and toasty pizza dip! Wings are definitely a close second, but only if it’s not at my house :) Sloppy wings make a mess everywhere! Dinner table, or sports bar – that’s it! There is no eating of wings in front of the TV (where you’d presumably want to be if there’s football on) wet or dry! My own fault for having an off white carpet :D

  13. I always make Buffalo Chicken Nachos- chips, chicken, blue cheese, Frank’s Buffalo Sauce and blue cheese dressing broiled for a few minutes and topped with chopped celery. It’s super easy and AMAZINGLY good.

  14. My fav is hummus with veggies. But the fav of everyone eles, my bacon wrapped lil smokies. They’re a hit everytime.

  15. has to be wings (specifically Buffalo Wild Wings, Asian Zing and Mango Habanero). side of beer and onion rings make it perfection though. ^.^

  16. Chicken wings with that awesome thick crunchy coating and ooey gooey sauce! And CALAMARI!!! YUM! YUM! YUM!!!

  17. all things buffalo win for sure. buffalo chicken dip is the definite fave though. my spinach & artichoke dip is a close second however.

  18. We luv the old fashioned Pigs-in-a-Blanket, Spinach and Artichoke dip, Hot Cream Cheese Crab dip and Chili Cheese dip..
    Great giveaway, thanks.

  19. popcorn – plain and simple w/ a little salt. and one can’t go wrong w/ a side of chocolate chip cookies…..

  20. All-time favorite football food is home-made pizza. Made and ate this growing up with my family, and make and eat it today with my friends. Love!

  21. Chips and dips, of course! While I can totally get behind a complicated bean dip, I also really like the ordinary store bought sour cream and chives chip dip. Sometimes it’s the basics that work best.

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