Basket Weave Crochet Scarf (Unisex)

I’m happy to say that I’ve completed my first ‘Wrapped in Red’ scarf for donation to the Orphan Foundation of America. The unisex scarf is made using a basket weave crochet pattern I found online and it’s a great beginner project. It crochets quickly and uses only two basic crochet stitches!

When I made a beanie cap a couple months ago, I liked that it used a basket weave technique that I hadn’t tried before. The effect is created by alternating sets of stitches between front post double chain (fpdc) and back post double chain (bpdc) crochet stitches. I love the style and texture it adds to a crochet project.

Basket Weave Scarf Pattern
The crochet scarf pattern I used is free from the Coats & Clark website and also includes a pattern for a matching hat. You can find the basket weave scarf pattern at their site. You might find the tutorial below helpful if you haven’t used the fpdc or bpdc stitches before.

I used 6.5 ounces of medium weight yarn with a size J hook. The completed scarf is approximately 5″ x 63″ (without fringe). I was contemplating whether to add fringe or not and finally decided it would give the best finished look.

Wondering how to do a basket weave crochet stitch?
I was stumped when it came to the basket weave technique so I went online and used this great tutorial to get me started. I was surprised at how many crochet and knitting tutorials are available on YouTube – it certainly helped me to expand my skills.

Although the tutorial isn’t for this scarf project, it does show the technique for creating the fdc and bdc stitches:

Anyone participating or have a favorite online scarf pattern?
If you have a favorite online scarf pattern, please add the link in the comments section.

If you’re participating in the red scarf campaign, please email me a link to any posts you write about it or send me photos of your completed scarves. I’ll compile them and include in future posts as I work my way through making all five scarves.

Want to Crochet or Knit a Scarf for Donation?
My goal is to make 5 red scarves for donation and hope others will join me along the way! If you’d like to crochet or knit a red scarf for donation to the OFA, the deadline is December 15th. Please read the details of my Wrapped in Red campaign and make sure to visit the Orphan Foundation of America for full guidelines and mailing instructions.

One down and four more to go! This scarf took a few hours once I focused on it. I started it while watching TV which was a mistake. I kept forgetting which row I was doing and had to rip it out several times. I finally decided to set it down until I turned off the TV. Without the TV distraction, it moved along quickly ;-)

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  1. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for your feedback on my red scarf donation project. When I searched the web, this crochet project immediately caught my interest. It just happened to be in the US.

    If you’re aware of a similar Canadian project, please let me know. I’d be happy to look into it for my next project. Regardless of my country of citizenship/residence, I believe this project is a worthy cause and one I am proud to support.

    Thanks! — Allen

  2. Nice work on those scarves Allen and kudos for supporting a great organization!
    Susan – An orphan is an orphan no matter what country they belong to, so maybe you should look beyond your borders. How about rather then leaving a rude post like that you maybe offer a suggestion on a local charity doing the same thing? Or better yet you do something yourself to support a local charity! Geez…

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