Top 10 Pie Baking Essentials for the Holidays

There’s nothing better than a freshly baked pie at the holidays. I love being the designated pie baker and often give pies as gifts, but I always seem to be unprepared when it comes to transporting the pies across town.

This year I’m deciding to plan ahead and be fully prepared by getting all the pie baking tools I’ll need. I’ve put together a list of my 10 pie making essentials that will help make my holiday pie baking a success! Get up a jump on your holiday planning by making sure you’re properly equipped.

  1. Pie CookbookA pie cookbook is helpful for the beginning baker who is just learning how to make pie crust and is looking for a good recipe with which to start. I find that I get into a rut and make the same two or three flavors every year, so this year I want to explore new recipes and need some inspiration. I’m considering Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie.
  2. Pie PlateI’ve been using the same hand me down pie plates and they are the most boring, sad looking things. It’s about time that I invest in a decorative ceramic pie plate for this year’s holiday festivities.
  3. Pie ServerI’m notorious for hacking away at a pie with improper tools. I get too eager for the payoff and never have the right pie cutter on hand to do the job cleanly.
  4. Pie Divider / CutterIf you want to ensure that every slice is the same, this pie divider will cut your pie into equally sized slices in one quick motion!
  5. Pie BirdsPie birds certainly are cute and would make a great conversation starter if nothing else. I usually make a slit in the tops of my pies but find that the filling oozes through and ruins the top crust. Pie birds will provide the venting and hopefully keep those top pie crusts looking perfect.
  6. Pie Crust ShieldNo more burnt crusts – hooray! I tend to get my outer crust too brown when making pecan pies so having a crust protector in place would definitely save me the hassle of trying to bend aluminum foil into the proper shape. The foil never seems to stay put and I find that it falls off eventually.
  7. Pie WeightsI love thick and creamy pies that require a pre-baked pie shell. Pie weights are a godsend when wanting the crust to lay flat and not get all puffy during baking. You can also line the crust with aluminum foil and weight it down with dried beans. However, you end up wasting the beans.
  8. Pie Lattice CutterDon’t have the patience or skill to make a decorative lattice top for your pie? No worries, this slick little pie lattice cutter makes it quick and easy.
  9. Pie FillingIt’s ok to shortcut making your own pie filling as long as you look for a good-quality replacement. I suggest looking for a homemade, gourmet-style pie filling. It might cost a little more but the taste will be worth it.
  10. Pie CarrierIt doesn’t matter how beautiful your pie looks if it doesn’t reach the party in one piece and without the crust falling to bits. Investing in a pie carrier is my top priority this year!

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  1. What a great compilation of cooking supplies. I have to make a basket for an auction for my daughter’s school and I wanted to be a little creative.. I think a fall cooking basket will be just perfect! All these ingredients should be a hit.
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