To All the Kitchen Tools I’ve Loved …

Spring cleaning is coming soon to my household and I am prepared to make the tough decisions it requires. I willingly discard clothing but have a more difficult time letting go of kitchen objects, even if I rarely use them.

Joe (bless his heart) knows the uphill battle he faces and has been bracing me for weeks now, “You know, when the tax busy season ends in April, I want to clean out the store room.” He occasionally targets an item or two by saying, “Have we ever used the fondue pot? Maybe we should get rid of it.”


When I look beyond my emotional attachment to these appliances, I know that I truly don’t need them. However, I’ve made peace with it and am ready to say goodbye.

3-Quart Electric Fondue Pot

The fondue pot comes from an unknown origin and it’s been sitting on a shelf in all its cherry-red glory just hoping to be filled with melted cheese one day. It’s one of those things that holds a promise for something in the future. I have fantasies about hosting a fondue party someday but it just never materializes.

Alas, I can’t recall ever using it in the 9 years we’ve owned it. Sadly, it’s time for it to find a better home with someone who might actually use it (or with someone who also fantasizes about the bliss that is melted cheese).

16 inch Traditional Cast Iron Wokset

I love it. I’ve used it a thousand times and never found fault with it. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been used since we moved to Canada and no longer have a gas range. Our induction cooktop requires a metal pan to touch its surface in order to work so the round-bottom wok is no longer functional (and takes up too much precious space in our 525 sq. ft. condo).

So long, my little asian love.

Cuisinart 1.5-Quart Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Oh, the memories. Butter pecan, fresh strawberry, blueberry lemon … sadly, it just doesn’t fit with my lifestyle any longer. Cholesterol and excess weight forbid me from having this temptation in the house any longer.

Sure, I could use it to make healthier slushy-icy-juicy concoctions. But, I know I won’t. It’s only stuck around this long due to such delusions. So, to a better home it goes.

Although I am sad to see these appliances/cookware go, I am looking forward to the positive outcome. I will regain much-needed space in the storage room so that I can store healthier things like nuts, beans, and dried fruits.

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  1. Aww! I feel your pain. I’ve been doing some necessary purging myself. The thing is that every time I get rid of something, two weeks later I’m wanting to use it and wish I had it back again. Sigh…

  2. Is your fondue pot not big enough for meat fondues? I don’t like cheese and chocolate fondue either (I’m one of the few who doesn’t go crazy over it!) but I do love having meat or oil fondue. I really think that it’s the best dinner you could easily whip up during surprise visits form friends and families.

  3. There are concave induction cookers specifically for induction woks, but maybe we can also find you a wok that is flat-bottomed and induction-ready. Too bad about the ice cream maker, but as long as it eliminates the temptation…

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