Easy & Quick Pesto Palmier Appetizers

If you’re looking for a quick and delicious appetizer, then pesto palmiers might just be the recipe you need. And, these snacks are also time savers since they can be prepared well in advance, then frozen until ready to bake.

I am a basil-phile so pesto is a welcomed ingredient in my household. I had seen these before in cookbooks and on the web, but never tried them until recently. Two weeks ago, we decided to have a few friends over after work for drinks and appetizers which seemed like the perfect time to test these savory palmiers out.

The recipe requires two ingredients: puff pastry dough and pesto. I used two sheets of puff pastry dough and about 1/3 cup pesto. The dough should be rolled into a rectangle roughly 8″ x 12″. Spread a thin layer of pesto evenly across the sheet (using one half of the 1/3 cup per sheet). Then, roll the longer sides inward until they meet in the middle.

Frozen Pesto Palmiers Dough

The photo above shows what the coils will look like. I only used one coil for the party and froze the second one after I rolled into a coil, which is the one I baked and photographed. If anything, I found the frozen one easier to work with and it also baked the most evenly.

Slice the coil crosswise into half-inch pieces. If using a fully frozen coil, allow it to set on the counter for 15 minutes before cutting. Place cut side down on a baking sheet and bake at 400F (200C) for 8-10 minutes or until puffed and golden brown.

There is only one small warning. Use toothpicks to hold these badboys together. Maybe it was the puff pastry I used (which I later learned used lard as a primary ingredient), but these little suckers will suddenly uncoil about halfway through baking.

I quickly whipped the baking sheet out of the oven and started ramming toothpicks into them. Here is what may happen if you don’t use toothpicks:

Non-Conformist Pesto Palmier

Pesto palmiers are crispy and light with the deliciousness of basil and garlic running throughout. I find it hard to eat just one or even one *handful*.

Seriously, I could eat the entire tray.

Baked Pesto Palmiers Snacks

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  1. Lovely and simple Allen. I absolutely appreciate a quick and delicious appetizer. That means there’s more time to drink wine and less time spent slaving over the stove ;)

  2. Marvelous Idea, thx for sharing!!! I have my daughter’s birthday party coming up. she does not like swets, but adores pesto…..she’s gonna love me!!!

  3. I have recently made the caramelized onion version of palmier! and I thought I could eat a whole tray of it too! Love pesto so I will keep this in mind!

  4. Great entertaining idea Allen…I make these for Xmas parties often using a sun dried tomato pesto with a sprinkling of Parmesan on top as well.

  5. thanks for this! I have a jar of pesto in the fridge so I think I’ll make some of these up & freeze them for the holidays

  6. I love all of the ideas for additional fillings!

    I should note that the pesto palmiers are best served immediately. There were a few leftover today and they were rather icky, but I ate them anyway ;-)

  7. Making some with arugula pesto and some with black olive tapanade today. Excellent reminder how elegant and simple party apps can be.

  8. Oh, this looks so good! I have made similar spinach swirls, and a sweet version with tahini &walnuts&brown sugar …so good. I’ll try the pesto next time. Love pesto, too!

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