The Heidi Klum Tattoo

39717, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Tuesday April 20, 2010. Heidi Klum flashes a smile wearing a pencil thin beige dress after dining at Cecconi's in West Hollywood for lunch. Photograph: Hector Vasquez,

Heidi Klum is known for using her Project Runway catchphrase to explain the fashion industry, “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re out.” It seems Heidi is also applying this concept to her daily life as E! Online is reporting the supermodel and Emmy nominated reality TV host has submitted paperwork to legally change her name.

With her fourth child on the way, it’s not surprising that Heidi Klum looks to bind her family more closely together through taking her husband’s name. Just as Heidi Klum is known for being a top supermodel, she’s also known for her growing family. It all started with a tattoo she received last year.

Heidi Klum Tattoo is Seal’s Name

In a move that goes against everything modeling teaches you, supermodel Heidi Klum started to sport a large tattoo on her right forearm in 2008. With a quick glance at the photo above, the tattoo appears to be a black squiggly line but in reality it’s something much more sentimental.

Heidi Klum beams every time she mentions her husband or any of her three children. In the five years since Heidi has been with Seal, it’s estimated she’s spent almost half of that time pregnant. It’s no wonder then that Heidi sought to keep her family close by stamping them prominently on her forearm.

People reported in September 2008 on the squiggly Heidi Klum arm tattoo which is her husband Seal’s signature followed by three small stars. “My husband and I always get married every year,” Klum explained. “It was our fourth wedding, and we wanted to have our names tattooed together. So it’s my husband’s name and our three children, their initials, in the [three] stars.”

Will Heidi update her tatto?

Based on Heidi’s reasoning for the anniversary tattoo, it looks like an update will be needed soon. Heidi is currently expecting her fourth child, the third child with husband Seal.

With boys Johan and Henry, Heidi also has daughter Helene (Leni) from a previous relationship. Seal and Heidi will soon welcome a new daughter to their family. A fourth star will be needed for Heidi’s arm tattoo.

Heidi Klum May Become Heidi Samuel

In the final weeks of her fourth pregnancy, Heidi Klum is also looking to officially take her husband’s surname. Ironically, most people aren’t aware her husband, known only as Seal, even has a last name.

Born Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adelo Samuel, Heidi Klum submitted court documents to take his last name as her own. The approval process takes a few weeks and the results will not be known until November 20, 2009 if she is indeed Heidi Samuel.

A busy business woman and TV personality, Heidi Klum is never far from the spotlight. While she pursues changing her name to Heidi Samuel, she will give birth to her second daughter before the name change is official.

Heidi is on track to end the year with a beautiful new child, as well as a new name. Now, she just needs to get that tattoo updated. Let’s hope it’s on her to-do list.

Note: This article is authored by Allen Williams and originally appeared on October 6, 2009.

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