Mocha Popsicles Recipe

Today, I am putting on my game face and mentally preparing for the week ahead. I’ve signed up to participate in ‘Eating Down the Fridge‘, a week-long effort to eat only from you fridge, pantry and dark corners of your cupboards. The event is hosted by Kim O’Donnel from the Washington Post’s A Mighty Appetite food blog. If you’re interested in participating, I believe today is the last day to sign up.

Since I typically go to the grocery store several times each week, it will be a shock to my system. I guess it means I’ll have more time in my day for Twittering though (the challenge will be tweeted using hashtag #EDFsum – so feel free to follow along).

Yesterday, I sipped on a cup of lukewarm coffee and pondered the upcoming challenge. I wasn’t in the mood for coffee and hadn’t finish my morning pot as normal. Instead of being wasteful and throwing it out, I considered how I could give the coffee new life with existing pantry ingredients.

After considering a few possibilities, I decided to keep it simple and explore making mocha popsicles, a perfect refreshing treat for our recent heat wave.

In our household, coffee is always served strong – I take mine black while Joe infuses his with heaps of sweetened condensed milk. Dinner guests always raise an eyebrow when they see the squeeze bottle of condensed milk on the counter and realize we won’t be offering them any form of creamer. So far, we haven’t had any complaints (to our faces).

For the mocha, I flavored it with sweetened condensed milk and a good quality unsweetened cocoa powder. You could also use milk and sugar along with a chocolate syrup. I used what I had on hand, adjusting the flavor to the sweetness and chocolate levels I desired.

Mocha Popsicles

You’ll notice a slightly white tip in the photo above. I attempted to give the illusion of a creamy whipped cream tip, however it didn’t work well due to my ever-persistent need to rush things. As you can imagine, I didn’t wait long enough for it to freeze before adding the mocha coffee to the molds. Drat. Only one or two popsicles had any hint of whiteness in the tip, the others blended into the mocha as soon as I poured it in.

Regardless, for those who have some amount of patience, I think it’s a good idea.

Mocha Popsicles

Vanilla ‘Whip’ Tip
1/3 cup whole milk
1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mocha Popsicle
1 3/4 cups strongly brewed coffee
1/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa powder

Pour about 1 tablespoon of the white tip mixture into each popsicle mold and freeze until solid.

When mixing the mocha ingredients, taste test it and adjust for sweetness or chocolate flavor. Add mocha mixture to the molds, filling to 1/2″ from the top or according to your popsicle mold directions. Freeze until solid. Makes 6 popsicles.

My molds are from Martha Stewart’s line, I think. However, there are many popsicle molds available, all shapes and sizes. Popsicles are so easy to make and economical – fill them with fruit puree and save yourself $$$ by not buying the expensive prepared juice bars! Last year, I made a delicious watermelon-mint popsicle.

Mocha Popsicles

While taking the photos of the popsicles, I wondered what it would be like to take the popsicles one step further and drizzle with condensed milk. I squeezed about a teaspoon at the tip and let it slide down the sides. Aside from looking mildly pornographic, the creamy sweetness running down the side tasted rather good.

Popsicle Molds

Beginning tomorrow, you will likely find me making interesting concoctions for the challenge, so stay tuned to see what other craziness I end up making. Feel free to join the challenge or follow along on your own.

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  1. *Mildly* pornographic? Oh, Allen! My miiiiind!
    Naw, I knew from the start it was condensed milk. No, really! :) Anyway, I can’t believe you make several trips to the grocery a week! It seems like the kind of crazy thing I would do. It’ll also be good since you’ll be on holiday soon.
    Joe has the right idea with the Vietnamese coffee, I’m sure your guests agree! And you’ve got a marvelous idea with these cream-tipped pops! End of comment! :P

  2. That first photo is, er…, really quite something. Give me a second here while I look for some bleach for my eyes…

    Looking forward to more of your creative ideas, Allen.

  3. Have to second the “mildly”? I think we’ve moved beyond mildly. That said. Great idea that I will certainly be replicating this very hot summer. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Manggy: Ahhh, I’m sure I’ll take a beating for the photo. I thought it would be a tasty addition … then realized it’s mild obscenity as I snapped the photos. Oh well – it tasted dang good!

    Kat: The mocha flavor comes through rather nicely, so just flavor the coffee to your preference and freeze.

    Helen: Ha! So polite :-)

    Ethan: Enjoy the mocha popsicles — maybe a little shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream would make for a wonderful adult popsicle.

  5. Oh my I can see that I’m going to like it here. (photos aside:) I perk coffee every morning and am always looking for ideas not to waste the unfinished pot. I’ve come up with some rather interesting concoctions and actually have more coffee cubes in the freezer than ice. Those Mocha Popsicles sound sinfully good. I must try this, perhaps with a shot of Baileys!!! Thanks Allen…Have FUN “Eating Down the Fridge! I’ll be back to see how/what you do:)

  6. First off, WOW, those look incredible. I just recently had a revelation like you did and made homemade mocha frapaccinos from my coffee :) I’ve never heard of using sweetened cond milk in coffee, i bet it’s good though! I like the idea of the fridge challenge, I have recently been using lots of things from my freezer and my pantry. I am making room in the freezer for my new side of beef and have been on a cleaning binge!

  7. Coffee? Condensed milk? Yep! I’m in…these have my name all over them. Good luck with the challenge Allen…I’m not sure I’d be able to complete it but I’ll be following you on your blog.

  8. Nothing screams summer quite like a popsicle. And then there’s that coffee and chocolate combo as well! OH MY! Can’t wait to try these. Thanks Allen. Happy Summer!

  9. I love shopping at the store several times a week. I pick up fresh veggies at the farmers market and then go from there. No real planning, just what I feel like having that day:D The popsicles are something that sound sinfully good:D

  10. Stumbled upon this blog but we are two of a kind….coffee and sweetened condensed milk are (independently) staples in my house! Will be trying this recipe for sure!

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