BBQ Pork Fried Rice Recipe

Today is Day 1 of Eating Down the Fridge and I welcome the challenge with a simple fried rice. It’s my weekly go-to dish when I need a quick meal or when there are certain leftovers needing to be used up.

The EDF challenge is a week long event where I pledge not to go grocery shopping but instead focus my culinary attention on using ingredients found in my fridge, freezer, pantry and the dark recesses of my cupboards. It’s about using up ingredients which haven’t been used or might otherwise go to waste.

Leading up to today, I decided not to think about the challenge since I didn’t want to stock up in anticipation of the event. And, now I’m nervous about the week ahead … especially since I’m using my favorite dish for using up spare ingredients on day 1. By day 7, I may be concocting an oatmeal-bean casserole. You’ve been warned.

Fried rice is made at least once per week in our household. The reason I made it today stems from a partial container of leftover BBQ pork from lunch the other day and a need to use up a stash of aging green onions and eggs.

I’ve written about making ham fried rice and used the same recipe, using BQQ pork in place of ham. I’ve deviated from my published recipe this time by using a mix of 1 Tablespoon dark soy (deeper, richer flavor) along with about 2-3 Tablespoons regular soy sauce. For some added spice, I used a couple teaspoons sriracha sauce (my current condiment crush).


Fried rice is a flexible dish that adapts to any leftover meats or veggies. Sometimes, I throw in chopped greens or leftover vegetables in the final minutes of cooking. My favorite meat is either bacon or ground beef … seriously good, yet fattening. The BBQ pork is surprisingly lean but flavorful in the rice.

So, for tonight, we are well-fed and happy with our dinner. I will call it a success and hope the coming days will go as smoothly.

Any fried rice lovers out there? What are your favorite fried rice ingredients?

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  1. Mmmm! This dish is a real favourite…I love to add peas (frozen are fine) for a bit of colour, mushrooms…anything really! Good luck with this!

  2. I’m doing the EDF challenge and am going to have to try this — it looks delicious. I did a variation tonight on the go-to dish: bok choy stir fry.

  3. I hope your condiment crush is requited :) I think it’s entirely possible to go through your EDF by making a different kind of fried rice a day– I know I wouldn’t complain! ;)

  4. Love the idea of this challenge. For us, every Sunday is “eating down the pantry” day — we combine all of the leftovers of weekend cooking with the things that are always in the pantry. Sometimes I really get in the mood to clean out, and will extend my “fridge dumps” into the week. And, honestly, I get some of my best ideas this way!

  5. I haven’t made fried rice in so long though we do a lot of stir-fry around here when the fridge contains too many veggies

  6. I love fried rice. It’s a great way to use up random stuff in the fridge. I usually always put onions, carrots, red bell peppers, egg, green onion and green peas. The meat varies.. sometimes shrimp, or beef, and I’ve even made it with spam or hot dogs before.

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