Weekend reading: 5 books to explore!

Five new books sit in a pile on the edge of my desk, tempting me to read them. I normally don’t have so many books lined up but this week has somehow been ‘the perfect storm’. I purchased an interesting book on food history, then a book I won from a blog giveaway arrived, then I received 3 review copies from publishers. I’m in heaven with so many things to read and slightly embarrassed to admit that the last book I read was sTori Telling (a sinfully good read).

So, here’s what’s on my reading list, a few of them I’ve already cracked open to scan through. The ones which catch my eye will get a full blown review in the coming weeks.

The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry
The name of the book lures me in, something sad and intriguing by the title. In this book, journalist Kathleen Flinn writes of leaving her corporate job to undertake training at Le Cordon Bleu. It’s a funny and insightful telling of her experiences with hot-tempered chefs and competitive classmates. I expect this book to be extremely interesting :-) It’s on pre-order now and will be released September 2nd.

Bake Until Bubbly: The Ultimate Casserole Cookbook
Being from the Midwest, this book is like my family bible. I know, in some foodie circles the word ‘casserole’ is vulgar and socially unacceptable. However, this book is loaded with interesting ideas and breaks the myth that casseroles are merely a combination of frozen vegetables and Campbell’s Soup. I’ve already tried a recipe for a vegetable-rice casserole, similar to paella (minus meat and seafood). I’ll try and post about it soon.

Food Styling for Photographers
My goal is to become a better photographer. I don’t feel like I’m doing my food justice. The root of my problem is that I don’t spend enough time setting up for shots or styling things nicely. Hopefully, this book will teach me a few tips that can help improve my skills in this area.

The American History Cookbook
I recently discovered this book by Mark Zanger while researching for my other blog, Recovered Recipes. I appreciate the work he has done in writing and thoroughly researching this book. The book is arranged into 50 chronological chapters beginning with First Nations and Early Settlers (1200-1674) to The 1970s (1971-1975). Each chapter explains the nature of food at cooking in the particular period and accompanies it with several recipes indicative of that time. I’ve only just started to read it but look forward to reading the chapter on Health Food in Victorian America.

California Pizza Kitchen Family Cookbook
If you love CPK, then this book might be for you! Written by the founders of the California Pizza Kitchen, this book is targeted at families who like to cook together. The book covers dough making basics, explores specialties from the CPK menu, and even has a section on dessert pizzas.

So, that’s my list … so much to read. What are you reading?

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  1. You beat me! I have 3 out of 5 of those sitting on my table too. Damn PR people. Ha ha I’m actually reading The Sharper the Knife the Less you Cry right now. It’s very cute. Don’t get mad when I post a recipe from it ;)

  2. All sound interesting…I have the food styling one and whilst it’s good for teaching certain elements there’s a lot of “trickery” involved for certain food pics…fake ice cream anyone?

  3. P&A: haha, I guess it gets a thumbs up from you :-)

    Peter G: yeah, I noticed the trickery too, isn't necessarily what us food bloggers do … hmmm, is that why your ice-cream pics look so flawless??? :-) kidding, I know there's nothing fake about you!

  4. That looks like a great reading list! I have the food styling book and it looks pretty good. There is also a great book I found by Lou Manna called Digital Food Photography. His photographs are perfection and he gives great tips. He also has a blog where he gives tips and answers questions.

  5. Health food in Victorian America? “Corn syrup! The food from the future!” or “Lard for healthe!” :P Looks like an interesting read :)

    I do love CPK but no one likes helping me out in the kitchen!

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