Watermelon-Mint Popsicle Recipe

In the Winter, we crave warm and comforting foods and in the Summer it’s all about cool and refreshing fare. My childhood memories are of eating big slices of juicy, cold watermelon. We raised our own melons and would have several weeks of the biggest and sweetest red watermelon. Oddly though, I don’t remember that we did anything special with it … we simply sliced it up and ate it.

This week, I’ve decided to explore watermelon and make 5 dishes from the wonderful fruit. Today, I’m showcasing a delicious and easy watermelon-mint ice pop made in a shooting star mold. It left me wondering why I hadn’t done this sooner!

Last month, Erin of Erin Cooks featured her ice pop creations and it inspired me to give it a try. She made pistachio pudding pops and irresistible root beer float pops — what’s not to love?

While researching watermelon ideas, I came across a recipe from Emeril that sounded like a winning flavor combination. I didn’t like how he structured his recipe so I rewrote it in a simpler version that made more sense to me (i.e. why say 6 tablespoons of sugar when that’s approximately 1/3 cup?).

Watermelon-Mint Ice Pops
4 cups cubed watermelon
1/3 cup sugar (or sugar substitute)
1/3 cup mint leaves
juice of 1 lime

Watermelon and mint are an amazing combination, like Bogart and Bacall. Begin by removing the watermelon rind and slicing your watermelon into small cubes. It’s easiest if you use a seedless watermelon but if you buy one with seeds (like I did), you’ll need to seed the watermelon before you puree it.

Place all ingredients into a food processor or blender then puree. I used a stick blender and it made quick work of the job. Pour the mix into your molds and freeze!

Allow them to freeze until fully firm before trying to remove from the molds. When you remove them from the freezer run the molds under warm water for a few seconds. This will loosen the pops so they will easily slip out. Then lick, suck, or bite your way through the pop until you give yourself brain freeze. If serving at a backyard barbecue, set the butt end of a watermelon in a bowl and stick the pops into the melon as I’ve shown in the photo.

Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding the molds locally but finally found this set at Macy’s (yes, they are Martha’s). I had hoped to find the Tovolo brand which so many people seem to like and which come in several shapes: shooting stars, groovy, and rockets.

Regardless of the shape though, the pops will taste delicious. I’m now experimenting with other flavors since these make such a satisfying and healthy treat. Why spend big bucks on a package of popsicles when you can make these at home for a fraction of the cost (and with natural fruit puree instead of dyes and synthetic flavors).

Last weekend, I used a combination of 1 cup vanilla low-fat yogurt, 1 cup fresh peach puree (about 3), and some raspberry preserves. I combined the peaches and yogurt and filled the molds, leaving a bit of space at the top. I then added a dollop of raspberry preserves and used a knife to poke it downward along the sides of the pop. Not only did it add extra flavor but it made for stylish shooting star.

Hmmm, if you think about it, yogurt and fresh peaches is basically breakfast on a stick. Now that’s a breakfast I could eat every day :-)

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  1. Those are pretty. There’s always magic when you combine Allen and, uh, Martha Stewart :) Awesome, even if I’m not a huge fan of watermelon.
    1/3 cup is 8 grams off 6 tablespoons, so it’s not quite the same. Ha ha ha. Agave syrup or honey would also be great substitutions, make them much healthier.

  2. Nice presentation Allen! And thank you for the link back to my site. When I made the pops it was a total toss up between the mojito stars and the pistachio rockets as to which I liked more, but these watermelon pops are stunning. Great choice! The red really … no pun intended … pops ;)

  3. These look great — I’ve been wanting to experiment with popsicles for some time now. I received some molds for my birthday last year and definitely need to use them. This is great inspiration!

  4. Mmm yum. I’m sure these are quite good. I love this combination with strawberries too.

  5. I want these. And the molds. It’s only 10:45 AM and you’ve managed to make me feel both gluttony and envy!

    They’re gorgeous, and the combination of watermelon and mint sounds delicious.

  6. I want these, Allen! They look amazing and I’m a sucker for watermelon – it’s so refreshing!

  7. Watermelon is my favorite fruit….I love these Popsicles and the photos are stunning!

  8. wow! I like that photo . . . . . so well captured on the watermelon! a real thirst killer! :)

  9. Manggy: OH my gosh, off by 8 grams … ahh, you kill me :-) Trust me, the measurement is close enough … we’re not making a souffle or anything!

    Erin: Thank you!

    Clay: I’m sure you’ll come up with something fantastic!

    Cookingpanda: Mmmm, strawberry pops would be delicious too.

    SusanV: Haha — gluttony and envy? Well, my work here is done!

    Kat: Thank you, kat!

    Patricia: Sorry to tempt you with another icy pop since it is winter down south :-)

    Sweet Bird: Yum, indeed!

    Heather: Thanks!

    Nina’s Kitchen: If you love watermelon, then you’ll love the rest of my posts this week.

    Big Boys Oven: Thanks!

  10. You could layer/freeze different flavors/fruits for a cool striped look, rainbow pops would be so fun!

  11. You could layer different flavors/colors/fruits for a cool striped look, rainbow pops would be so fun… and tasty too! Don’t forget the spiked ones for the adults!

  12. Oooh, a little watermelon series – love it! These look so cute as little stars. It’s funny cos no-one ever seems to make pops over here. I must be an ambassador!

  13. Oh my these look lush! I’ll definitely have a go at making them – I love ice lollies – or ice pops as you guys seem to call them!

    Thanks for the great pictures too.

  14. How lovely! I just keep staring at your beautiful photographs….if only I could lick them, instead of the computer screen.
    You’re right, these are just perfect and cooling for summertime. What a great dish to have at a party, it would be such a great conversation piece!

  15. I love it! when I was little I would crawl into my Papa’s garden, pick a watermelon, and sit in the yard eating half of it…half the time the watermelon was more than half my size :)

    The thing that I miss most about not living in the South anymore is good _seeded_ watermelon. I just have to say how happy it makes me to see watermelon with seeds (even if it’s just in pictures!

  16. Delicious Allen…and I love how you styled the watermelon pops. This sounds like the perfect cooling summer treat.

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