Spicy Radish Sandwich Recipe

My uncle loves radish sandwiches, slices of crisp radish on butter-slathered bread. It’s one of those memories from childhood which is burned in my memory. I never understood the appeal of radishes and only nibble on them occasionally. This week I received a fresh bunch of organic radishes and decided to try my hand at a sandwich. Although it’s not how my uncle made his sandwiches, I think my version offers a fun and healthy twist.

I took a break from work today to spend some time in the kitchen. I contemplated how I would construct my sandwich while I prepped a red quinoa salad for dinner tonight (more to come on that tomorrow!). I knew butter would not be an option, so I decided to use a thick and creamy organic Greek yogurt as the spread (Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt). The yogurt is fat-free and thick, as thick as full-fat sour cream. I mixed a tablespoon or so of the yogurt with a 1/4 teaspoon garam masala, a pinch of red pepper flakes, and a bit of lemon zest.

There is something about the spiciness of radishes that I thought would pair nicely with the spicy, creamy yogurt. To balance out any sourness from the yogurt, I decided to use a sprinkle of dried currants. I considered using honey or chutney but didn’t have any.

I would love to have used a nice rustic white bread, but instead I used a high-fiber bread (Orowheat Double-Fiber Bread. I toasted it first to add extra texture and flavor, then layered with lettuce and sliced radishes. I gave a generous dollop of the yogurt mix, then a sprinkle of currants.

Often I find myself in a rut with the foods I eat, especially when I’m carefully watching my diet. This sandwich is spicy, tangy, and sweet. It is crispy, crunchy, and creamy. Overall, it contains a mix of textures and flavors which makes my mouth happy. I enjoyed the yogurt spread and found the currants to lend just enough sweetness. I’m still not a huge fan of radishes but found the sandwich to be a great use for them!

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  1. Allen you have a knack for making everything look really good, but you outdid yourself this time with these simple ingredients this. Maybe a radish sandwich is truly a girl’s best friend instead of diamonds.

  2. You know Allen, you could almost make me like radishes again the way you have prepared them here. The sandwich looks very refreshing and I love the addition of the currants.

  3. Yogurts make such great sandwich “spreads” and dips. They’re tasty and the right texture to fill in for those fattier condiments that we all crave. This sandwich is quite interesting. I’m not a huge fan of radishes, but with a creamy spicy yogurt, perhaps I could be swayed.

  4. Erin – hmmmm, hold out for the diamonds ;-)

    Peter G — I just noticed your new profile photo – you’re looking a bit like James Bond. You certainly clean up well :-) I’m still getting used to radishes myself, but when you cover them up with a bunch of other flavors they aren’t too bad!

    Cookingpanda — haha! ‘interesting’ is a good word — I found it to be a bit of a crazy concoction too, but it seemed to work.

  5. Hey, you’re using yogurt as a dressing! You’re like a male Ellie Krieger (sp?)! :) Her show just debuted here (even if it’s 2 years old– Healthy Appetite), it seems okay but here we go again with that low-fat, half-fat grocery list, grr! I don’t even know if we get half those things!

    Ahem. (Personal tirade again? Heh heh)

    I don’t know much use for radishes except salads and tossed in with broth. I didn’t know people made them into sandwiches! I didn’t know they are spicy if raw! Your sandwich looks so interesting and colorful– perfect to chase off the meal ennui. Ah, now you’ve learned to always have chutney, haha! (man, don’t you wish a mango arrived in your stash?)

  6. Allen, I have eaten radish salads my whole life – my mother was crazy for radishes – but have never thought of adding them to sandwiches! What a great idea!

  7. Allen – never heard of a radish sandwich, but this looks delectable! Btw, I made the spaetzle and it was… UN-believ-ably good!!! I’ll post about it soon – but thanks so much – your recipes are fabulous!

  8. I’m not a huge fan of radishes either, but I continue to give them a shot in various recipes. I found a good vegetable dip the other day that had finely diced radish in it.

    The sandwich looks good to me. You’re doing so well in finding interesting things to eat that are healthy!

  9. This sammy looks delicious! And after passing up a lovely-looking bunch of organic radishes the other day, I think I’ll have to make my way back to Whole Foods and pick it up after all. … oh, and some Greek yoghurt too! :)

  10. ooh, I love radishes and I love sandwiches so this is a winner for me. It’s a shame you couldn’tput butter in but it still looks delicious. I would try putting dill in there.

  11. This sounds like a great accompaniment to cucumber sandwiches for a light and cool dinner!

  12. My Mom used to make radish sandwiches – butter and radishes on plain white bread. Yours look sooo much better. Thanks for sharing :)

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