Egg Korma Recipe

I haven’t participated in any food blog events for awhile and have been feeling a bit rusty. I came across Taste & Create hosted by For the Love of Food and fell in love with the idea. The event pairs two food bloggers together and each must visit the other’s blog. You find a recipe from the other person’s blog and make it, then blog about it.

This month I am paired with Shella from Kitchen Art. I visited her site and found many interesting Indian dishes all of which are new to me. I love Indian food but aside from a few prepared mixes have not cooked Indian food from scratch previously. My mouth watered as I clicked through the recipes but when I came across the Egg Korma I knew I had found the recipe for me.

Shella admits that she ‘stole’ this recipe from a colleague’s wife and I’m glad she did. Boiled eggs are the heart of this dish and I love using eggs. I’ve already had a few people point out the fact that I tend to favor eggs. I can hardly wait to find out my cholesterol level when I visit the doctor next.

The ingredients for the dish are common to most kitchens. I did not have garam masala and had to pick that up. It’s an amazing spice blend that I will be using alot in the coming months. I used some to season a soup the other day and it a great flavor. You’ll also need onions, tomatoes, boiled eggs, a few spices, fresh ginger, and garlic. The full recipe and instructions can be found on Kitchen Art’s site.

The only ingredient I substituted was the mustard seed. I thought I had some but when I started to cook, I did not. I used an equivalent amount of ground mustard.

I felt as though I was cooking a bit blindly, not knowing how this dish was to come together. As I cooked the onions and tomatoes, I started to doubt how it would turn out. At this point, it’s a pinkish mess and unlike anything I’ve seen before. But once I added the ground spices, it took on a magical vibrant yellow from the turmeric. The aroma given off by the garam masala was warm and intoxicating.

Then, it was time to add the eggs. I feared the yolks would all fall out but surprisingly none of them did. I gently tossed it all together and it was quite beautiful to behold.

The real test came when I took a bite. The warmth of the spices relaxed me and put a smile on my face. I used one chili pepper and could have used much more. It wasn’t too spicy and I like hot food. The eggs absorbed the spices and worked well with the spices used. Plenty of garlic and onion added to the savory mix.

I will try this again and will explore more of the recipes at Kitchen Art.

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  1. Oh, that looks really good. I don’t know much about Indian food, but the flavors and aromas of it fascinate me.
    I’ll take a look at Shella’s blog and choose something from her recipes.

    Welcome to Taste & Create!

  2. This is a beautiful sounding harmony of ingredients! Don’t you love when you fear all things failing turn into something yummy?

  3. That egg korma looks nice and tasty. I like using hard boiled eggs in dishes like these.

  4. The ingredient listing for this Indian dish is surprisingly short…usually there’s a gazillion spices!

    This would be a good intro dish for those (me) dabbling in this cuisine.

    PS…you can exhale, there be no birdie XXX DVD…I jest!

  5. Wow, this dish sounds incredible… I can’t wait to try it…

    Happy Easter – thank you for a well-timed egg post and your terrific collection of egg dishes! :-)

  6. E(x)cellent! (No, I will not use an Easter pun.) Thanks also for directing us to Shella’s site. I’m always curious about Indian food, though I’m afraid my understocked spice rack might not be able to handle it. This dish looks like a great place to start– I wish I’d have bought Garam Masala in the States, though. I agree, hotter is better.

  7. Hey Allen, Thanks a ton for liking my blog & picking up one of my fav recipes. I am die-hard egg freak, n the way you’ve done up the dish makes me yearn for it right away…..I hope you & yours loved the dish as much as I do.

    Now I have to hunt for something from your blog to cook right away.

    Though I am not an expert, if there’s anything at all that you wish to know about Indian cooking just write to me.

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