Ham Fried Rice Recipe

Usually we go out for dinner on Friday night, but we went out last night to celebrate Joe’s naturalization (hooray! he had his ceremony yesterday and is now a full-fledged US citizen). I feel like ordering out tonight, but I’m too lazy to go out in the rain and pick anything up. Fried rice is a weekly dish in our house and tonight seemed destined to be its shining hour. It’s quick, flavorful, and filling.

The recipe is straightforward with a only few steps to follow. I suggest prepping everything first so it’s ready to drop into the pan. Once you start making it, you won’t have time to fuss around with anything.

Ham fried rice
1 cup ham, diced (or bacon)
4 eggs, fork whipped
6 cups cooked long grain rice
4 green onions, chopped
2 tablespoons fresh minced ginger
1/4+ cup soy sauce
2 tablespoons peanut oil (any veggie oil is fine)
dash of cayenne

I use a wok but a deep pot or dutch oven would work well too. Place pot on burner and turn up to medium high heat. When the pot is hot, add the oil. Some smoking may occur, this is ok, just move along quickly. Add the eggs, but don’t stir. Let them firm up on the bottom (like a pancake), then flip it over. When cooked, remove from pan and set aside.

Add meat to the pan and cook for 1-3 minutes until lightly browned and cooked through. I use whatever meat we have on hand, bacon is outrageously good. I’ve also used leftover meatloaf (also amazing), pork, or chicken. If you want something lighter, omit the meat entirely. In this case, I might add a bit more ginger.

When meat is done, add the green onions and ginger. Stir to combine and cook 30 seconds. Add rice and eggs, stir to combine. I stir the rice maybe once every 30 seconds for a few minutes, then add the soy sauce and cayenne. Use the spatula to ‘chop’ the egg into smallish bits. Stir and cook for another 1-2 minutes. At this point I usually give it a taste to see if more soy sauce is needed to season it.

I usually turn off the burner and let it set in the for 5-10 minutes, I think it tastes best when close to room temperature. If you have leftovers, it freezes well.

You may add peas or other bits of veggie that strike your fancy. Sometimes I will add chopped bok choy or another green toward the end. It’s flexible and forgiving, just how I like my meals on Friday nights :-) And, it tastes so much better than take-out.

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  1. Congratulations Joe!! What’s the proper first thing to do after being naturalized? (I’m thinking something along the lines of apple pie or devil’s food cake.)

    Oh, this brings back memories, when I was “stationed” in a remote area of the Philippines– I’d bring cans of chopped vegetables. We would use leftover (staled) rice to make fried rice, and the “juice” from the can really brought something special in terms of color and flavor. I start out with lots of garlic instead of ginger, though. If you’re into processed meat (which I know is sort of an anathema in the food blogging world, but what can I say, out there cans were king), SPAM or such also would be a great addition :)

  2. manggy: for his first meal as a US citizen he requested sushi … which is very Californian :-)

    This blog isn’t uptight, it’s ok to mention SPAM. Joe loves the stuff and we’ve made a batch or two of spam fried rice! I’m not a huge fan but go along with it to keep home happy.

    He likes fried spam and eggs on rice. We have it occasionally, but I don’t take pretty pictures and post it on my blog. :-)

  3. Allen, I love fried rice and I made a similar side this week too.

    Now there’s one less order from the Chinese delivery!

  4. Manggy – Thank you. Allen did suggest cheeseburgers for my naturalization celebration dinner but I opted for sushi – being on the Pacific coast :) The fried rice was really good – comfort food for me after a long day at work and brushing & washing our “precious” puppy after coming home. We have guests over for dinner tonight so he (the puppy) needs to smell nice :)

  5. Hi, linked to this from tastespotting.

    Ready to make this tonight but I have one question.

    The recipe’s directions don’t mention returning the egg to the dish although I’m sure they are just cut into smallish bites and added at the end and warmed up a bit.

  6. Wintkat: so sorry! I’ll update the post — I add the rice back to the pan and then add the egg. As I mixed the rice into the meat, I use my spatula to ‘chop’ the eggs into smallish bits.

    Also, the amount of soy sauce is to personal taste. I sometimes add more as I like the saltiness it adds.

    I hope this helps and hope you enjoy its!

  7. I used leftover rotisserie chicken and it was a great meal. Served it along with Sichuan green beans. This will certainly remain in my repertoire. Is it too early for the leftovers??!!


  8. Wintkat: No, it’s not too early — heat up the leftovers, they are great for breakfast!

    We eat alot of steamed rice and always have leftovers sitting around, so sometimes on the weekend I will fry it up for breakfast with whatever else is in the fridge.

    Glad you enjoyed it!

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