Olive Oil Cracker Recipe

I spent some time catching up on other food blog sites — it’s fun to see what others are doing. I was excited to see that Heidi of 101 Cookbooks recently posted a recipe for Olive Oil Crackers — they looked amazing. I love all types of crackers and have been thinking about trying to track down a good recipe. Well, as fate would have it, I didn’t need to look any further!

The dough is constructed quickly from olive oil and flour. Although the recipe calls for both semolina and a white whole wheat flour, I used what I had on hand — all purpose flour and whole wheat flour. I used the same ratios as in the recipe. The dough turned out a medium tan color and was easy to knead.

I’m horrible and rolling doughs, especially when they need to be evenly thin. Fortunately, I have pasta roller attachments tucked away in a drawer and it’s been ages since I dusted them off. I’m glad that Heidi mentioned this because I’m not sure if I would have thought to use them. They worked perfectly and without much effort on my part.

I used the lasagna roller attachment first and only rolled the dough to a #2. I didn’t want the crackers to thin and this seemed to be the thickness I desired. I sliced the sheet into 1″ strips then brushed lightly with a garlic infused olive oil before applying my toppings.

One batch received sesame seeds while the another received caraway seeds. A third batch I dusted with poultry seasoning and cracked black pepper. All of them received a little sprinkle of sea salt too. They baked for about 6 minutes until nicely browned.

The dough makes a lot of crackers if you’re cutting them into strips as I did. I wondered what would happen if I used my fettuccine attachment, so I gave it a whirl. I placed the thin strips on my baking sheet and sprinkled with a combination of: ground cumin, ground chipotle, chili powder, and garlic powder. The result were perfectly crisp cracker ‘straws’. And to be honest, they by far were the best batch. These would be perfect stand in a glass next to a big bowl of hummus …. yum.

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    Brillaint blog… Well described and definately left me feeling hungry.

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