Poached Egg with Meyer Lemon Confit Recipe

Ok, enough with the meyer lemons already, right? Well, as I worked away in my office this morning, my mind kept drifting toward lunch. I haven’t had eggs in a long time due to my recent dietary adventures, so they’ve been on my mind.

In theory, I could have an egg. But one egg without alot of the other good stuff that goes with them just seems futile. Sam’s confit stuck in my head from the other day and I wondered how it would be with a bit of basil, drizzled over a perfectly poached egg … and so began my lunch break.

I sliced a meyer lemon thinly and covered with olive oil, then set the whole thing to low for an hour. Mid-way through I tossed in about a dozen small basil leaves. As my confit was nearing an end, I poached an egg and balanced it on a thin and super crispy slice of bread. I added a bit of the lemons and drizzled a teaspoon of the oil over the egg. A dash of freshly ground black pepper and … ta-dah!

I cannot describe how flavorful and decadent it tasted. The yolk of the egg mixed with the lemony oil and basil … amazing. Simply. Amazing.

And, given the ingredients/quantities I used, this turned out to be only 5 of the troublesome Weight Watcher points.

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  1. Is the lemon confit cooked in the oven or on the stove top? I bought some Meyer lemons today to try this out. Thanks ; )

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