Selecting a Dependable Kitchen Timer

When we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, I allocated a large portion of the budget to buying a professional range. I was excited to take it out on its maiden voyage only to discover expenseive professional ranges do not have simple (and useful) functions like built-in timers.

A kitchen timer is an essential tool for baking — if you don’t have one, it’s a good investment to make. It’s important to select one that will meet your personal needs. You should consider how far you tend to wander from the kitchen when baking and whether the timer is loud enough and/or portable. If you bake for long durations, make sure the timer can be set for long periods.

Fortunately, just after our kitchen remodel my sister-in-law surprised me with the Pyrex Digital Probe Oven Thermometer/ Timer. It’s compact, portable, easy to use, and has saved many dishes from fiery deaths.

This timer is easily set for a few minutes or several hours and rings loudly enough to be heard throughout the house (so I have no more excuses for burnt bread). With a magnetic backing, it sticks to the fridge or even to our outdoor grill when I take it outside for barbecues.

Also, the timer features a detachable thermometer feature which is a nice perk. Just plug the thermometer into your roast beef or turkey, and program the desired temperature for the meat to reach. When the meat reaches the desired temperature, the alarm goes off.

I use it every time I bake and have started to take it for granted. Several weeks ago the timer stopped working as I was about to place a batch of muffins into the oven. I nearly freaked out and feared it was broken (ok, so it’s possible that I may have dropped it a few times). Fortunately, it wasn’t my abuse but instead a dead battery which was easily replaced!

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  1. Hima! I’m using my timer right now … there’s an apple cake in the oven.

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