Pomegranate Massacre Leaves 1 Dead

Pomegranates are native to Iran and extend to the Himalayas, growing on shrubs ranging 8 feet in height. Over the past year there has been a rise in pomegranate products, especially juices and concentrates touting the fruits antioxidant properties.

With all the hype I decided to purchase one before the craze had fully passed me by. I didn’t really read up on the fruit beforehand and sliced it in half as soon as I got it home. In a matter of seconds the cutting board was covered in a puddle of red juice and it seemed reminiscent of a mobster massacre. Deciding that I may have done something wrong, I did a web search to figure out how to prepare the fruit.

I discovered that the fruit contains a membrane holding juicy capsules, each one filled with dark red juice and a seed. Cutting up the fruit is not an option, you first break it in half then immerse it in a bowl of water and slowly separate membrane from seed capsules. The capsules float in the water for easy retrieval and can then be eaten any way you like.

All the pomegranate lovers of the world are going to hate me … but I think it’s a overrated fruit. It’s messy and temperamental — and I didn’t really care for the taste or texture of the capsules. Maybe I would be open to the juice on its own if I were to purchase a bottle.

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  1. Don’t be a Pom hater. I agree it’s messy, but it’s so worth it. Try the Pom juice. Mix it with some other sweet juices (like pineapple or mango) and maybe you will like it better. Mixing it will cut the ‘zing’.

  2. I used to drive my mom crazy – I’d carefully dig out each seed, eat the flesh around the seed and spit it out. It would take me days to eat one!

    I’m enjoying the blog so far.

    Your Group Recipes friend from Wisconsin, Paula

  3. Hey Marigold! Drop me an email – it’s been a long time!

    Thanks for stopping by, Paula – I need to spend more time on Group Recipes :-)

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