How to Make Oil & Vinegar Bottles

My quest started a year ago when I found myself using olive oil nearly every time I cooked. I kept the big bottle stored in the cupboard, but slowly became lazy until it sat on the counter every night. And it was only a matter of time before it was joined by soy sauce and sesame oil, both of which I can’t live without.

Frustrated by the clutter, I decided to replace the bottles with something more compact. I went to several well-known stores looking for bottles with pourer spouts, but was surprised at what I found (or couldn’t find). All of the bottles were very large which didn’t appeal to me and they often had busy designs. Apparently, having an olive oil bottle means it must have a handpainted Tuscan scene or grapevines. It just wasn’t my style and I wasn’t willing to pay $10 for something I didn’t’ want.

Every time I visited another store I would check their bottle selection. Nothing met my criteria. I started to feel alone in my quest, was I the only one with this bottle dilemma?

One day while shopping a restaurant supply store, I stumbled upon the jackpot. It wasn’t the ideal bottle but instead a package of 12 bottle pourer spouts. The spouts were exactly the same type (actually, maybe even better) of spouts used for olive oil bottles. And, the package only costs a few bucks — I was on to something.

I turned the package over in my hand and thought about what sort of bottle I could used with these spouts. I wanted something small, stylish, and would need probably 3 or 4 given my growing collection of oils and sauces. It then occurred to me that my I had a neat looking soda bottle in my fridge. If I drank the soda I could use its bottle with this spout to create a unique look. My mind then began to turn on what other unique soda bottles might work well.

Making Oil and Vinegar Bottles Reusing Soda Bottles

I bought the spouts and went immediately to the nearest grocery store. I picked up another vintage looking soda bottle and a small Perrier. The spouts fit perfectly inside of the bottles and I converted several cooking oils to them. My counter is now nicely organized and I no longer have to twist off the caps before using my cooking oils. If you’d like to do the same, here is the contact information from my bag of pourers. The bag even notes they are approved by the Flair Bartenders Association, so feel free to practice your bottle throwing moves too!

Spill-Stop Pourers (Model #285)
1509 W. Le Moyne St.
Melrose Park, IL 60160

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  1. This is the best solution we have yet for the oils and sauces that we use for our daily cooking. We even checked out the oil and soya sauce cans at Asian stores and could not find anything that did not look like something endorsed by Hello Kitty.

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  3. You are a genius! I have to steal this idea for myself! This reminds me of something that we could have done for ‘Comfest’ :-)

  4. LOL! Pimpin’ Out My Bottles! Freakin’ awesome! I was hoping this was going to be an article about wine, but this is still freaking great. Cool ideas, I will have to put chrome rims on my salt shaker.

  5. Cool beans – I have that pourer in my current olive oil bottle, but am ordering more today!

    – dave

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