How to Boil Eggs

I just received a call from my mom who was reading my blog today. She read about the Food Fight using eggs and wanted to quiz me on my egg knowledge.

Do you know how to boil eggs so the yolk is perfectly centered?

Leave the eggs in the egg carton and place a rubber band around it. Set the carton on its edge (the long edge) for 24 hours in the fridge. Then, take the eggs out and boil as normal.

Do you know how to boil eggs so the they don’t get a dark ring around the yolk?

Place the eggs into cold water in the pan. Heat the pan to a boil then cover and turn off the burner. Let pan sit covered for fifteen minutes, then peel your eggs. Overcooking causes the ring around the yolk.

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  1. While watching Iron Chef last night, Alton mentioned a little piece of interesting egg trivia. Apparently, the speckled pattern on a quail egg is specific to the quail who created it, almost like a poultry fingerprint!

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